The Stages Of In-Ground Pool Construction

Installation of a new in-ground swimming pool is among the most exciting projects you can undertake. Once you have picked a design and a contractor, your installation can be completed in two to four weeks, depending on the options and the pool-area water features you select. If you are having landscaping installed you can expect the whole process to be on the longer end of the spectrum.

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Creating a pool is a multi-stage process that begins with discussion and design, and ends with installation.

Here is a brief description of the ten basic phases of the process so that you will know what to expect when you decide it is time to build a backyard swimming pool:

  • Stage 1 – The first stage is to figure out the design that you want for your pool. Your contractor can help you choose a design or you can hire an independent architect if you so choose. This planning stage is critical and every detail must be agreed upon for best results.
  • Stage 2 – The next stage in your installation process is to prepare and survey the site where the pool will be built. This consists of careful measurement and making an outline on the grass to ensure that your design will fit and that there are no space issues.
  • Stage 3 – This is the stage in which your contractor starts digging the area that will house the pool, whether it will be a concrete option or a liner. This is where you actually start to see how much room you will have in the area around the pool.
  • Stage 4 – This is where the walls and bottom of the pool will begin to be framed. Reinforcements will be placed for stability at this point. Any pool area water features such as waterfalls will be framed as well.
  • Stage 5 – This is where the pool really starts to take shape. Plumbing fixtures, filters and lighting will be installed at this point.
  • Stage 6 – This is the stage where (in a concrete pool) the concrete will be poured to start forming the walls of the pool. The floors and walls be smoothed and all stairways, swim outs and benches will be formed at this point.
  • Stage 7 – This stage is where the plumbing going from the pool to the exterior filter takes place. This will be double-checked before any patio materials are installed.
  • Stage 8 – This is the point where your pool tile is installed and grouted. At the point, you can start to enjoy the custom selections you have decided upon.
  • Stage 9 – This is the final stage of your installation in which your chosen finish is applied to the interior of the pool. This finish will be applied with painstaking care to ensure longevity.
  • Stage 10 – Your installation is complete! All that is left is to fill the pool with water and double check that all plumbing and mechanical systems are on point and functional.

These steps apply whether you choose to create a simple kidney or rectangular shaped pool or a more elaborate version with pool area water features such as fountains, waterfalls, bridges or slides.

A swimming pool is an excellent investment for your home’s overall value and your enjoyment of the outdoors. In just a few short weeks, your backyard can be transformed into an oasis that you can enjoy for most of the year. Talk to a skilled, licensed pool contractor today and start enjoying the good life.

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